Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Adventure Novel on Fracking

    You've seen the Matt Damon movie and the two documentaries, pro and con, on fracking. Are you ready now to immerse yourself in a good adventure yarn about it?
    A new novel, entitled Deep Ecology and authored by yours truly, is available digitally on I believe it is the first fiction novel to deal with the subject of fracking.
    In it, a Big Energy corporation is experimenting with drilling the first fracking facility on the continental shelf in the Pacific Northwest. Because the horizontal wells extend out below the sea floor, it is wrecking havoc with the marine life. Killer whales go mad and start attacking humans. An ancient covenant between the "People of the Sea" - orcas - and the "People of the Forest" - Native American Indian tribes - is broken, and the medicine man of the Kwakiutls is determined to fix it.
    He enlists the aid of a powerful and clandestine environmental group known only as "The Council" to end the fracking and discourage further facilities from disrupting the West Coast.
    In this modern "David v. Goliath" story, the eco-warriors take on the vastly superior resources of the corporations to defend the Earth. Along the way they must contend with violence, murder, and even man-made earthquakes.
    Deep Ecology is a fast-paced read with clear lines drawn between the Good Guys and the Bad. Anyone with pro-environmental sympathies should enjoy it. Those without a Kindle can download the Apple Store's Kindle app to make it readable in Apple's format. It is available for both purchase or sampling of the first two chapters here:  .

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